Let me just start out by saying I’ve never been a huge fan of chalk paint.

Here’s why:


Chalk paint, in my opinion, is outrageously priced. I personally could never justify using it versus latex paint for that simple reason.

#2: I despise waxing!

Wax is messy and hard to apply. (At least for me; maybe I’ve just never mastered the technique.)

HOWEVER, when my local lumber company started carrying the Rustoleum Chalk Paint line – “Chalked”,  I was hooked.

  • First off, there is virtually no prep work. Just clean the piece thoroughly and paint.
  • A quart of this paint costs $18.99! That is almost HALF of other chalk paint brands!
  • And my favorite part about this line… NO WAX! This paint is sealed with an actual paintable clear sealer that dries quickly and is extremely durable. That for me is a WIN!

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