If you have read my previous blog post you already know Rustoleum chalk paint is the only chalk paint line I use. I absolutely love it! SO when the kitchen cabinets in our California location breakroom needed an update, there was no debate on which type of paint to use. I was going for a clean, updated look but didn’t want to spend a ton to get there. Here is a picture of the cabinets before I started.


To start out, I removed all the cabinet doors and took off all the hinges. I then cleaned everything really well with glass cleaner.


Then, I taped off the inside of the cabinets with Frog Tape so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting paint all over the insides and my lines would be clean.


Next up, the fun part – paint! I picked a simple “Country Gray” for the cabinet color since the counter top was white. I applied two coats to the cabinets and the cabinet doors. (Mind you, this only took about half a quart.)


The door on the left has two coats, the door on the right only has one.


Once the paint dried, I sealed everything with Rustoleum Chalk Paint sealer in Matte Clear.


Meanwhile, I painted the hardware and hinges with black spray paint and screwed the hinges back on once the sealer dried. I then rehung the cabinet doors and added hardware to update the look. Here is the after shot:


(This project was accomplished in one afternoon and at minimal costs. I am in no way affiliated or paid to endorse Rustoleum or FrogTape. I just love their products!)

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